Tuul and Bruno Morandi are nomadic photographers: one was born in the steppes, the other by the sea. Despite the thousands of kilometers that separated them, the encounter did take place, and for the past sixteen years, these two photographers have shared their lives and their passion.

After growing up in the Mongolian steppes and living a nomadic childhood, Tuul went to Paris to pursue a master's degree in farming and developed a passion for graphic art and photography in the process. She was a finalist in the 2005 Grand Prix Photo-reportage.

Trained as an architect, Bruno spent every summer in his father's native Tuscany. It is easy to imagine that the hills where light was always part of the landscape, have informed the way he looks at things and love for travel. It was at the age of 18 during a trip to the Himalayas, that he began to develop a passion for photography.

The traveling couple set out to crisscross the ancestral tea routes from the far reaches of China and Mongolia to Japan, before traveling to India and Ceylon, then Turkey, the Sahara and Kenya. They recently published a book of magnificent pictures for tea and travel enthusiasts, "Les routes du thé".