Marc-Antoine Corticchiato is a discriminating designer whose perfumes reveal an intense and often carnal scent. He is also a scientist who defended his doctoral thesis on a new technique for analyzing perfume plant extracts to understand how a plant produces its scent and emits different fragrances depending on its flowering cycle. He is passionate about the most noble natural raw materials and their history in different cultures.

Of Corsican origin, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato was born in Morocco where he grew up between his parents' land - among their citrus crops - and the Corsican scrubland, at the family home in the village of Cuttoli Corticchiato. After his doctorate, he completed his training at the famous Versailles International School of Perfumery (ISIPCA).

Marc-Antoine began his professional activity at a research laboratory specializing in the analysis of perfume plants and their extraction methods. For years, he "dissected" natural raw materials, acquiring an intimate knowledge of them in the process. His work is published in international research journals. He worked on his first creations in aromatherapy, learning to take into account the therapeutic and olfactory aspects of scents. Very selective in his choices of natural plant extracts, he set up an essential oil production plant in Madagascar.

After several years in research, he joined a perfume creation laboratory in Paris, where he was finally able to give free rein to his creativity, before founding his own brand, Parfum d'Empire, and continuing to create perfumes for other brands that inspire him.