Dominique Ropion is the best known and most recognized perfumer of the 21st century. He is both a modest and a virtuoso perfumer. He creates powerful fragrances with strong personalities and celebrates floral compositions.

He was born and raised in Paris. Both his mother and grandfather worked at Roure, a major perfume company. He discovered the profession early on but did not devote himself to it until much later when he did an internship at Roure after completing studies in physics. The first fine fragrance he created was a success: Ysatis by Givenchy, 1984.

After a 12-year stint with Roure, he joined Jean-Louis Sieuzac at Florasynth where he worked for 10 years and created, among other fragrances, Kenzo Jungle l'Eléphant in 1995. It was during that time that he met Olfactive Studio's perfume creator Céline Verleure, who was then the International Marketing Director of Kenzo Parfums. The Sepia collection is an opportunity for the two of them to enjoy working together again after 24 years!